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Welcome to Pyrotechnic Innovations! Here you will find the only online fireworks training program in existence. Through this online fireworks training, and ability to efficiently take on new people interested in fireworks, we have streamlined the way for those wanting to obtain a pyrotechnics license or joining a professional fireworks display crew.

We also have an extensive fireworks video gallery which contains videos of our fireworks shows, along with tons of behind the scenes pyro footage! Don't forget to check out our complete set of professionally designed fireworks firing system plans!

"We promote professional pyrotechnics through expert training and the sharing of the fireworks experience."        - Mike Tockstein

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- Need a fireworks expert for a television/movie production or article?
- Watch a clip of our 2015 fireworks finale at the Los Angeles Coliseum!
- Watch a timelapse of our 2012 4th of July fireworks display setup!

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Our fireworks website is here for everyone to enjoy! From the person who loves to visit the fireworks stands and purchase consumer fireworks every 4th of July, to someone looking to obtain a professional pyrotechnics license, or if your just curious to know how pyrotechnicians setup the big fireworks displays, our website is for you!

*Mike Tockstein, owner and operator of Pyrotechnic Innovations, is a licensed pyrotechnic operator in California.
He works as an independent contractor for Pyro Spectaculars, Inc.
To find out more about our site and fireworks crew, see our About Pyro Innovations page.
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